For over 50 years and across three generations, the Hensler family has been handcrafting custom area rugs. The family tradition began when founder, Ken Hensler, brought his creative vision to life with his wife’s sewing machine – crafting what became one of the world’s first “Shag” rugs in the early 1960’s.

While working in the floor covering industry, Ken noticed a distinct lack of choice when it came to area rugs. He saw a unique opportunity to make well-designed, custom rugs in any shape, size or color. Combining his artistic sense of design with an unquenchable entrepreneurial fire, Ken formed Creative Accents, which has been crafting hand-made, custom rugs in California since 1967. Our first rugs were released in Los Angeles, a hotbed of the California Modern aesthetic, and provided a welcome, modern alternative to the traditional floor coverings that were more widely available at the time.

Today, Creative Accents continues to provide the finest, hand-crafted area rugs, made-to-order to our customers’ exacting specifications, under the leadership of Mike Hensler, Ken’s oldest son, and Andy Hensler, Ken’s oldest grandson. We continue to craft each Creative Accents rug in the United States, from US-sourced materials, other than wool, which we source exclusively in collaboration with Wools of New Zealand.

Since 1967, we have followed the same principles on which we were founded: Excellence – that anything worth doing is worth doing well; Beauty – that the spaces in which we live, work and play carry inherent beauty that should be brought to life through design; Family – that what we do matters but not as much as who we do it for and that we share it with those we love; and long-term Sustainability, which includes profiting from our labor for the benefit of our employees, community and future generations.

We’re proud that Creative Accents has served you for over 50 years, across three generations, and look forward to the next fifty years when the fourth and fifth generations of the Hensler family will take Creative Accents to new heights of luxurious modern design.


SINCE 1967

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