Because every Creative Accents rug is hand-crafted to order, each is a custom creation.  The design of any rug in any Collection can be adjusted to add or remove detail or alter the recommended color scheme.  Designers select colors from the Creative Accents pallet or specify a custom color.  We can make nearly every rug in any shape, size or dimension.  The process of crafting each rug is high-touch, guided by the trained hands of our craftspeople during each step of rug creation.   Even when starting with a design from our existing Collections, the finished product will be a custom work, made exclusively for the client.


From our earliest days, Creative Accents has been making bespoke rugs, from scratch, guided only by our expertise and our clients’ boundless imagination.  These one-of-a-kind pieces are based on fine art, fabrics, urban inspiration, or unique designer concepts. Designers work directly with our in-house team from concept to rendering.  Next, select colors from our pallet or specify custom colors. Once a rendering is approved and color is selected, we hand-craft a strike-off as final proof of concept.  Bespoke rugs are made entirely by our highly trained craftspeople who guide each step of the process by hand to assure that the rug we create is without equal.